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A little bit about us...

us, that is my husband Heinz and myself, Gisela, and our four Havanese.

We are living in the far west of Germany close to the dutch border.

We developed a passion for dogs - or better animals - since our early childhood.

Until the end of 2017 we supported people with special needs on our horse ranch by providing animal assisted therapy with horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, chicken,... and dogs.
During this work we were in 2016 introduced to Havanese dogs and instantly fell in love with their social, friendly and playful nature. Shortly thereafter our first Havanese Emma found a new home with us. She was the cutest puppy in the world, true to type, very playful, intelligent and always in good spirit.

We are so passionate about Havanese that we decided to start breeding to conserve this beautiful breed of dogs. 

We are breeding with love and expertise and are investing a lot of time into our dogs but also into breed relevant education.

We are a member of the EDH e.V. and our hobby-kennel is compliant to their standards and requirements. Our puppies will only leave us with the required kennel-club registration. Our breed dogs all have DNA proof and are healthy and free of any hereditary diseases.

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