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We are living with our four dogs in Northrhine-Westfalia Germany.

Our dogs are living with us in our home and are a part of our family. The characters of our dogs are similar to people's characters completely different. While Ylvie shines with her ability to think strategically, Honey is the sunshine of our household and Chester is the little adventure seeker of the pack. All of our dogs are loyal and affectionate companions and get on well with other animals and people. 

While we are planning litters with Ylvie, Honey and Chester, our first dog - Emma - is not suitable for breeding and is spending her time with us as strictly pet only and was therefore neutered.   

© 2019 Fotografie Königs, Wassenberg


Honey Bee Mano Gentis

DoB 02.05.2017 


Bernadette von Ronneburg
DoB. 22.04.2017

dark chocolate-white


© 2019 Fotografie Königs, Wassenberg

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